DICE Colloquium, 15.03.2019: One paper presentations concerning Querying and Data Storage

At the DICE Colloquium on Friday 15th of March, 2019 we had a paper presentation about querying semantically linked data and the server response.

Hashim Khan presented the paper, Triple Pattern Fragments: A Low-Cost Knowledge Graph Interface for the Web by Ruebn Vergorgh and his colleagues.


“Billions of Linked Data triples exist in thousands of RDF knowledge graphs on the Web, but few of those graphs can be queried live from Web applications. Only a limited number of knowledge graphs are available in a queryable interface, and existing interfaces can be expensive to host at high availability. To mitigate this shortage of live queryable Linked Data, we designed a low-cost Triple Pattern Fragments interface for servers, and a client-side algorithm that evaluates SPARQL queries against this interface. This article describes the Linked Data Fragments framework to analyze Web interfaces to Linked Data and uses this framework as a basis to define Triple Pattern Fragments. We describe client-side querying for single knowledge graphs and federations thereof. Our evaluation verifies that this technique reduces server load and increases caching effectiveness, which leads to lower costs to maintain high server availability. These benefits come at the expense of increased bandwidth and slower, but more stable query execution times. These results substantiate the claim that lightweight interfaces can lower the cost for knowledge publishers compared to more expressive endpoints, while enabling applications to query the publishers’ data with the necessary reliability.”