One year SOLIDE-Project

Ontology of the SOLIDE project

The SOLIDE project is entering its second year. What has happened so far? What's next?

After the kick-off in August 2017, the project participants familiarized themselves with the project. In the following period and during the workshops a first architecture was designed, an ontology was developed and benchmark questions were discussed. First data have already been published on github. [ ]

In April 2018, the Hamm Fire Department gave us the chance to get to know a modern command vehicle and record the first sounds of a simulated radio call. For further research and development of the project goals the University of Paderborn has started to develop a web-based demo, which illustrates the conversion of data from TecBOS to RDF and enables first queries.

In June, project coordinator Erwin Herrmann presented SOLIDE at the BMBF Innovation Forum "Civil Security" and in this way made initial results available to an interested expert audience.

Further working meetings will take place in the coming weeks. In addition, we have the opportunity to participate in various firefighting exercises to collect real impressions and data.

The research project SOLIDE is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.