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bitstars GmbH

bitstars is developing AR-enabling technologies, incl. DroidAR SDK (to be used in QAMEL) which is used by thousands of users worldwide as well as tools for the creation of 3D Web, Virtual and Augmented Reality content. bitstars’ HoloBuilder is a Web editor to create AR and VR content and is aimed at consumers and businesses. Read more about bitstars GmbH

We are partner in the following project(s) with bitstars GmbH:

  • QAMEL – Question Answering on Mobil Devices

brox IT-Solutions GmbH (D)

Brox IT-Solutions was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Hannover, Germany. Brox core competencies are supporting large enterprises in managing and evolving their IT infrastructure. Read more about brox IT-Solutions GmbH (D)

We are partner in the following project(s) with brox IT-Solutions GmbH (D):

  • GeoKnow – Making the Web an Exploratory for Geospatial Knowledge
  • LEDS – Linked Enterprise Data Services