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Talis Ltd. (GB)

Talis Consulting provide world class expert advice to organisations who know that Linked Data and the Semantic Web are the next big thing, but aren’t sure how to get started. Read more about Talis Ltd. (GB)

We are partner in the following project(s) with Talis Ltd. (GB):

  • LATC – LOD Around-the-Clock

TenForce (B)

TenForce is a Belgian software company specialized in delivering pragmatic solutions for complex problems. TenForce has years of international experience in knowledge management combined with an in-depth expertise in emerging technologies. Besides designing, marketing and supporting their in-house product - a web-based management environment for project and operational activities - , they conduct several projects on European scale focusing on modelling complex systems. Read more about TenForce (B)

We are partner in the following project(s) with TenForce (B):

  • LOD2 – Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data


TomTom founded in 1991 is a world leader of products for in-car location and navigation products. Read more about TomTom

We are partner in the following project(s) with TomTom:

  • HOBBIT – Holistic Benchmarking of Big Linked Data
  • SLIPO – Scalable Linking and Integration of Big POI data
  • GEISER – Von Sensordaten zu internetbasierten Geo-Services

Transinsight (D)

Beyond keywords, Transinsight uses novel algorithms, state-of-the art natural language processing, and ontologies to provide better and faster search capabilities for complex queries not only in the life sciences. The goal of this development is the establishment of a semantic web for the life sciences. GoPubMed, the ontology-based literature search engine, is a first example of a knowledge-based semantic search engine to improve searching in sciences. GoPubMed paves the way for a migration from web to semantic web. Read more about Transinsight (D)

We are partner in the following project(s) with Transinsight (D):

  • BioASQ – a challenge on large-scale biomedical semantic indexing and question answering